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VolksLiga congratulates Liberalistene’s new party-leader Ronny Skjæveland

(nl) VolksLiga feliciteert Ronny Skjæveland met het partijleiderschap van de Noorse Libertarische partij. De partij is echter nog wat onzichtbaar. Ook de Noorse media zijn immers lauw ten opzichte van kleine partijen. Maar daar komt volgens de nieuwe voorzitter verandering in. Een betere voorbereiding is volgens hem immers al half gewonnen. Bovendien vinden steeds meer mensen de weg naar de partij. Onder hen ook een oud-minister. Dat zou dus bepalend moeten worden voor toekomstig succes. We houden onze Noorse collega’s daarom extra in de gaten.

With great interest, VolksLiga was observing the 2020 general assembly of “Liberalistene“, which was being held in Oslo last weekend. Liberalistene is Norway’s young Libertarian party, focussing on the failure of the country’s welfare state.

A convincing majority of the assembly’s members voted in favour of the 41-year-old family man Ronny Skjæveland. Based in the Stavanger-Sandnes region, he is one of the party’s founding fathers when the organisation took form in 2014. Although his challenger Arnt-Rune Flekstad wanted to remain, the general assembly believed it was time for leadership renewal. Flekstad fleshed his trademark out of motivating and coaching people throughout the party’s existence. He also made remarkable appearances in media, proving his capability of playing hard on different fields of marketing

Never-seen challenges

Admitting that Flekstad did do a terrific job, Skjæveland still finds that his party faces never-seen challenges. “I, therefore, want a different approach and style, but this will be outlined with the newly elected board together. One of those challenges is the preparation for next year’s elections, for instance.”

Liberalistene has participated in 3 elections, of which 2 municipal elections and 1 national election. 2021 will be the Norwegian Libertarians’ second participation in national elections. Those are considered to be the party’s litmus test for breaking through or not. As of today, the party holds 0,3% of the total votes and, as a result, no representatives.

But that situation may significantly change. Former Minister of Fishery Per Sandberg spoke to the assembly, announcing his defection from Fremskrittspartiet (Progress Party) to Liberalistene. This gamechanger may result in the Norwegian Libertarians’ first representatives in the Norwegian parliament. “Nonetheless, we must work our fingers to the bone to make Liberalistene a prepared organisation,” Skjæveland underlines.

Media: © Liberalistene.

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